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Air Quality and Odour

Air Quality and Odour are two of ACCON UK’s major specialist disciplines. ACCON UK is able to provide specialist services in air quality and odour assessment having worked on projects throughout the UK and Europe. The ACCON UK air quality team consists of highly skilled and dedicated environmental professionals with in-depth experience of air quality issues and their impacts. We have extensive experience in conducting assessments for planning applications, statutory nuisance and Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) permit applications.

We fully understand the requirements of our clients, based on over 25 years of consultancy experience and a decade of experience in the public sector. We provide our clients with practical and robust advice in order to secure the necessary consents and permits. Our experience at Public Inquiry means that we know what level of detail is required to satisfy planning authorities where air quality issues are concerned and we are also most importantly able to explain the issues to the wider public.

Our consultants have worked on projects for planning and engineering consultancies, house builders, industry, Local Authorities and the Highways Agency. Our project experience includes the wastewater treatment industry, highways, power stations, waste management facilities, incinerators, quarries, ports, railways etc.

We provide a comprehensive range of air quality management, monitoring and assessment services to assess and improve ambient air quality and provide expert advice including dispersion modelling for development and strategic policy studies.

For more details please see our Air Quality Assessment and Air Quality Monitoring & Modelling page.