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Building Acoustics

ACCON UK provide consultancy advice, measurements and testing services covering all aspects of building acoustics. Our services include:

  • Architectural acoustic design for residential and commercial buildings
  • Acoustic design for schools and educational buildings
  • Acoustic design for hospitals and care homes.
  • Sound insulation testing for Approved Document E compliance. We are a registered ANC testing body
  • Acoustic design and measurements for halls, theatres, council chambers etc
  • Noise assessment and design for HVAC systems.

Complete Acoustic Service

ACCON can provide a complete acoustic design service for the entire project drawing on our considerable experience in building and architectural acoustic design projects. We provide the same accurate, efficient and professional service for the smallest conversion projects through to large scale development schemes. ACCON’s consultants are skilled in the acoustic specification of glazing requirements as well as the calculation of sound insulation performance of internal partitions and the external facade. We are also experienced in the assessment and control of noise and vibration from mechanical ventilation systems. ACCON provide comprehensive acoustic commissioning and sound insulation testing services to prove compliance with design specifications, national standards or Building Regulations.