Architectural Acoustic Design

Acoustic Design of Buildings

ACCON UK have considerable experience in the acoustic design of buildings and are skilled in the analysis of designs to achieve even the most demanding acoustic specification. Some sectors that often require acoustic design advice or acoustic assessments include:

  • Residential – Approved Document E compliance
  • Schools – Building Bulletin 93 (BB93) compliance
  • Commercial Offices
  • Hospitals – in accordance with Health Technical Memorandum HTM 08-01
  • Care homes
  • Hotels.

ACCON’s staff have worked on numerous projects across all of these sectors to achieve sound insulation specifications and other requirements such as acoustic privacy, reverberation time and internal ambient noise levels.

The acoustic design work typically starts with determining the appropriate performance standards for the building.  This will be followed by carrying out detailed calculations to assess compliance of proposed partitions, ceiling finishes etc with the performance requirements and feeding back any necessary modifications to the proposed designs. ACCON work closely with architects and other members of the design team to achieve the desired performance utilising our vast material database as well as bespoke and proprietary computer programs such as INSUL.


Complete Acoustic Design Service

ACCON UK have considerable experience with architectural acoustic design projects. We are skilled in the specification of sound insulation of internal partitions and the façade or building envelope, as well as optimising the reverberation times of spaces by tailoring the use of acoustic treatments.  We are also experienced in the assessment and control of noise and vibration from mechanical ventilation, heating systems or other plant.  Accordingly, ACCON can provide a complete acoustic design service for the entire project.

We are registered with the ANC to carry out pre-completion testing on new build or newly converted properties to determine compliance with Approved Document E of the Building Regulations. Further information on can be found on our Sound Insulation Testing page.

Achieving good acoustic design