Light Nuisance

ACCON UK has been part of the team that advised the UK Government on issues relating to statutory nuisance, including lighting nuisance. In addition Graham Parry, ACCON UK’s Managing Director, is one of the authors of “Assessment of the Problem of Light Pollution from Security and Decorative Light”. This is one of the publications regularly used by Local Authorities to assess and deal with light pollution from a range of sources. Consequently, ACCON UK is one of the country’s leading authorities on lighting nuisance.

ACCON UK are able to carry out a number of qualitative and quantitative assessments using state of the art equipment where required to determine whether claims in respect of statutory nuisance can be substantiated. Furthermore, we have a wealth of experience in dealing with nuisance cases in courts of law, including the presentation of expert evidence and the preparation of lighting reports.

As well as dealing with Lighting Nuisance cases, ACCON UK is able to assist in Lighting Impact Assessments to determine whether there is any potential for a proposed development to cause a lighting nuisance in the future. ACCON UK is also able to assist in lighting design to minimise the risks of future nuisance occurring.

Lighting Impact and Ecology

The effects of lighting on flora and fauna are becoming increasingly important and should be minimised wherever possible. ACCON personnel have carried out a wide variety of studies of lighting installations including those for new all weather sports facilities, freight depots and retail premises. We have been able to demonstrate through good lighting design that development can be enabled without significant impacts on the flora and fauna of an area. A particular concern related to new developments is the effect that lighting may have on bat roosts and foraging areas. We are able to provide appropriate advice in respect of acceptable levels of lighting and where appropriate any specific mitigation strategies. Our lighting experts are also assisted by ecologists with an in-depth knowledge of lighting impacts on flora and fauna.