Industrial & Commercial Noise

With continuing pressure to develop on brownfield and urban sites, industrial and commercial premises are increasingly being sited close to residential and other noise sensitive developments. As a result, industrial noise is becoming an increasingly sensitive issue for people living near these premises.  Investigations of industrial or commercial noise usually involve an assessment according to BS 4142 “Methods for rating industrial and commercial sound”. This British Standard is also used where residential development is proposed near to existing industrial or commercial uses.

ACCON are able to bring our experience into play at the planning and design stage to assist in reducing the potential impacts of noise and thereby ensuring that new developments have an easier and faster path through the planning process. In addition, ACCON personnel are experienced with troubleshooting and can help resolve disputes in relation to complaints about noise from industrial or commercial premises.

For both small and large scale commercial and industrial developments, ACCON is able to offer the following services:

  • Baseline noise monitoring prior to construction
  • Noise Impact Assessments for planning applications
  • Development of Noise and Vibration Management Plans
  • Advice on noise mitigation including noise barriers and bunds
  • Noise modelling to assess effects and consider mitigation, and
  • Industrial and commercial noise nuisance assessments.


We advise on a number of areas in the Industrial and Commercial sectors including:

  • Leisure facilities,
  • Wind farms,
  • Retail and commercial developments,
  • Factories,
  • Distribution depots,
  • Power stations,
  • Aggregate depots,
  • Asphalt and concrete plants,
  • Petrochemical facilities, and
  • Ports and Container terminals.

Managing noise to achieve best outcomes