ACCON personnel have considerable experience, gained over more than 40 years, in the assessment of noise impact from all types of leisure activities. Often, there are no specific noise criteria set nationally or by local authorities, and therefore a ‘basket of methodologies’ approach can be required in order to fully describe the noise impact of leisure events. ACCON are able to bring their experience into play at the planning and design stage to assist in reducing the potential impacts of noise and thereby ensuring that new developments have an easier path through the planning process. In addition, ACCON personnel are experienced with troubleshooting and can help resolve disputes in relation to noise complaints. From determining the extent of the problem, to designing solutions, ACCON can help at every step of the way to resolve any problems that may arise.

For both small and large scale developments, ACCON is able to offer the following services:

  • Baseline noise monitoring
  • Activity noise impact assessments
  • Noise management plans
  • Noise monitoring
  • Road traffic noise impact assessments
  • Plant and delivery noise assessments
  • Design of building envelope, barriers and general advice on noise mitigation
  • Advice on noise nuisance

We have assisted on projects involving many different types of leisure activities, including:

  • Night Clubs,
  • Music Festivals,
  • Sports Stadia,
  • Skate Parks,
  • Motor Sport
  • Paintball,
  • Quad Biking,
  • 5-a-side football centres,
  • Cinemas,
  • Bowling Alleys,
  • Shopping Centres, and
  • Leisure Centres