Expert Witness and Noise Nuisance

Expert Witness Services

Key personnel are registered expert witnesses and also acknowledged experts in respect of the provision of expert evidence at Courts of Law, Public Inquiries, Select Committee etc and have developed well-honed skills of advocacy and expert witness capability. Expert witness testimony may be required for large projects where a noise impact assessment and EIA have been prepared to support a planning application or to resolve disputes relating to occupational noise exposure. Expert witness support may also be needed to resolve noise nuisance issues, as discussed below.


Noise Nuisance

If you are experiencing problems of noise nuisance and are running out of options and people to turn to, we may be able to offer assistance. Our team at ACCON UK has a number of years of experience helping solicitors, housing associations and homeowners dealing with the problems of nuisance noise. Whether noise from a local factory means you can’t concentrate or your neighbour is keeping you awake at night with their loud music, if your local Environmental Health Department cannot help, we can recommend a variety of solutions to try to resolve your problem.


Industrial and Commercial Noise

Noise from industrial sources and commercial premises are a common source of complaint from home owners. ACCON is able to conduct noise measurements and assessments to submit to courts if you are considering any legal action against nearby premises. We are also able to assist the operators of premises in defending themselves against frivolous claims or determining noise mitigation strategies and have provided expert testimony in court proceedings.


Music & Entertainment Noise

Noise from licensed premises has been a recurring problem for both the operators and those living in close proximity to such premises. Our services have extended to providing expert evidence in court and supporting license applications through the Local Authority process.


Party Wall / Floor Problems

Whether the dispute relates to leases, evictions or statutory nuisance, ACCON UK are able to determine whether or not poor sound insulation is a contributory factor. Our state-of-the-art equipment and considerable experience allow us to determine cost effective solutions to relieve the deadlock that normally accompany these disputes.

Experienced experts supporting your case