Noise & Vibration Impact Assessment (Noise EIA Chapters)

ACCON UK Limited personnel have over 40 years’ experience of dealing with noise and vibration issues related to a range of new development proposals. Our senior staff include acknowledged experts who have also been involved in shaping best practice through a wide variety of bodies such as the Institute of Acoustics, Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), CIRIA, ANC and British Standards Committees. Our personnel have worked on a number of research projects on behalf of Defra and have been actively involved in informing the Government on policy and technical issues.

We are able to provide comprehensive noise and vibration assessments in accordance with policies and standards at International, European, National or at Local Authority level having advised on a wide range of projects in the UK and internationally. We regularly work as a part of multi-disciplinary EIA teams and are familiar with the constraints, cross cutting themes and inter-disciplinary interests involved in major developments.

Our team regularly carry out reviews of noise impact assessments for Local Authorities as part of our Environmental Review Service .


Typical projects requiring noise & vibration impact assessments include:

  • New and altered highways;
  • New and altered rail schemes;
  • New airports and flight routing proposals;
  • Industrial and petrochemical plants;
  • Energy from waste facilities;
  • Renewable energy sources;
  • Sewage treatment works and pipelines;
  • Retail, commercial and entertainment premises; and
  • Master-planning.
  • Typical EIA tasks include:
  • Scoping and methodology;
  • Baseline noise and vibration surveys;
  • Review and designation of suitable criteria;
  • Identification of sensitive receptors and resources;
  • Prediction and evaluation of noise and vibration impacts;
  • Identification of options for additional mitigation measures;
  • Reporting of residual significant effects.

We are also fully aware of recent developments such as the EU 2014 EIA Directive and have been involved in writing the new IEMA publication “Guidelines for Environmental Noise Impact Assessment”. Our personnel are also acknowledged experts in respect of the provision of expert evidence at Public Inquiries, Select Committee etc and have developed well-honed skills of advocacy and expert witness capability over a period in excess of 25 years.

Delivering best practice to noise impact assessment