Air Quality Monitoring & Modelling

Ambient Monitoring

ACCON UK is able to offer a vast array of experience in designing, managing and operating case-specific monitoring programmes on behalf of governmental departments, regulatory bodies, local authorities, developers and industry.

We are able to provide a range of monitoring and analysis services which include:

  • NOx-Chemiluminescence,
  • PM10TEOM, & β-attenuation,
  • NO2 -Absorption tubes,
  • Benzene-Absorption tubes,
  • 1,3-Butadiene-Absorption tubes,
  • Frisbee dust gauges,
  • Soil and dust deposition, and
  • Microscopic particle analysis.

We only use laboratories which are UKAS accredited and ensure that our monitoring is verified against other monitoring in the area.

Our experience includes major transportation construction projects, haul routes for quarry developments, housing developments in urban areas, dust nuisance, etc.

Dispersion Modelling

ACCON UK uses fully validated dispersion models for industrial and transport emissions. For larger air quality studies the CadnaA, DMRB and Breeze Roads modelling software systems are utilised.

We are also able to utilise a number of other models which include:

  • AERMOD and ISC (Industrial Source Complex) – for industrial point or area source emissions.
  • CALINE – for road transport and other line source emissions.
  • FDM – for dust assessments from construction or mineral extraction processes.