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Daylight & Lighting Services

ACCON UK is able to provide an in-depth capability in issues related to daylight, sunlight, overshadowing and lighting nuisance.

Our capability extends to ‘Rights to Light’ investigations and planning issues involving daylight, as well as dealing with nuisance from decorative or security lighting. Our personnel have provided services for both developers and residents affected by new developments.

We are able to assist on a wide range of issues including:

  • Daylight and Sunlight Assessments
  • Three Dimensional Overshadowing Modelling
  • Code for Sustainable Homes Daylight Assessments
  • Microclimatic Impacts of Overshadowing
  • Window Design
  • Assessments/Measurements of Lighting Installations
  • Light Pollution & Strategy Reports
  • Ecological Impacts of Lighting
  • Design of Sports Lighting
  • Expert Witness Services

We are able to advise developers, architects and surveyors on all issues related to daylight and sunlight matters in order to ensure that new buildings meet planning requirements and that they do not infringe upon legal ‘rights to light’.